Helping Families and Friends Honor Their Loved One

Traditional Funeral Service

Traditional Funeral Service

Traditional Funeral Service

Service provided include the following:

  • Removal of the deceased from place of death to the Funeral Home (within 25 km)
  • Professional care of deceased; Embalming, hairdressing, cosmetics
  • Registration of the death with the Province of Manitoba
  • Preparation of burial permits
  • Official notification of the death to Old Age Security & Canada Pension
  • Professional co-ordination of chapel, church, clergy, service music, and cemeteries
  • Conducting of the funeral service in church or chapel with licensed funeral director and required staff
  • Use of reception lounge and patio (seasonal) with coffee, tea, juice, server and clean-up
  • Funeral cortege; Lead car for clergy and Funeral Coach for transporting the deceased from funeral service to cemetery
  • Use of E.J Coutu Chapel & Lounge facility for private family viewing night or day before funeral service
  • Assistance in preparing & editing the obituary if requested
  • Arrange and place obituary notices as required: Does not include the cost of the notices
  • Co-ordinate, receive, identify, and display floral offerings: Does not include the cost of the flowers
  • Co-ordination of reception food with caterers and location: Does not include the cost of the food
  • The Use of the T.V, DVD player, as well as all other electronics for video tributes:  Families are welcome to prepare video tributes on their own.  There are only additional costs when professional assistance is required.
  • Memorial book and thank you cards
  • Estate Kit; including 5 funeral director declarations, estate checklist, executor’s duties, how to probate a will, what to do following a death and preparing returns for deceased persons, how to apply for CPP death benefit and application for death benefit and survivor’s benefit, how to apply for a clearance certificate and the application form.



The Cost of the casket selected for the funeral is additional to the service charge.



Services may have cash disbursements which are extra; this includes obituaries, clergy and church fees, flowers, cemetery fees and catering, etc.